Mr. Skin's Best Cunnilingus Scenes / Лучшее из куннилингуса от Mr. Skin (Mr. Skin) [Compilation, Cunnilingus, Celebrity, VOD]

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Best Cunnilingus Scenes Дата релиза: ????
Жанр: Compilation, Cunnilingus, Celebrity
Продолжительность: 00:19:37
Студия: Mr. Skin
В ролях:
Kicking things off is uber-hottie Halle Berry, who slips a nip as Billy Bob Thornton yodels in her canyon in Mutant's Ball (2001).
Then Lauren Lee Smith lays out a boob and pube buffet as her guy chows down on her cooch in Lie with Me (2005),
Julie Christie bares bush in a notorious, allegedly un-simulated sex scene with Donald Sutherland in Don't Look Now (1973),
and Margo Stilley flirts with her kinky side as she's tied up and blindfolded in 9 Songs (2004).
But your eyes will be wide open as she spreads her legs for a great gyno shot and some real-life rug munching.
Speaking of un-simulated sex, check out Sook-Yin Lee as she's licked on the labia and banged in all kinds of creative positions in the real-sex shocker Shortbus (2006).
Then we've got the notorious girl-girl muff diving scene between Chloe Sevigny and Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry (1999),
Tiffany Limos slobbering all over a guy's knob before getting her pussy eaten in an un-simulated MMF threesome from Ken Park (2002),
Alec Baldwin sipping on a fully nude Kim Basinger's fuzzy cup in the shower in The Getaway (1994),
and Heather Graham tugging on Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man before he turns her around to toss her salad in Two Girls and a Guy (1997).
Next we've got furry Euro-girls Maria Schrader and Juliane Kohler representing the rug-munchers in sexy, sexy style as Maria licks Juliane's honeypot in Aimee & Jaguar (1999).
Then it's back to straight skin-diving as Leslie Hope SKINgages in some exhibitionist antics by calling her old man on the phone while a guy eats her box in Paris, France (1993),
Maria Bello offers up her tuna sushi and bitty booklets for a box lunch in The Cooler (2003),
Madonna and her trimmed twat get Willem Dafoe's engine running sucking snatch in a parking garage in Body of Evidence (1993),
a topless Julianne Nicholson begging her guy to come inside while he snacks on her salmon sandwich in Flannel Pajamas (2005),
Juliette Binoche in the throes of ecstasy baring boobage as Jude Law tongues her twat in Breaking and Entering (2006),
Paz Vega revealing one long lobber while her guy goes downtown in The Human Contract (2008),
and finally naked hell raisers Harmony Hex and Holly D live up to their title with some un-simulated tongue fucking from Satanic Sluts 3: Scandalized (2009).
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